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Ewald is our host. A high-class chef, trained in the best Italian and German hotels, Ewald is also an excellent coach-driver, a good rider and story-teller, who very seldom loses his temper. He is the real heart of the Saltner Edelweiss, and one who even can cut a nice figure in front of TV cameras. He is indeed a tremendous guy!

Here is Anja, the lady boss and mother to Manuel, Kevin, Robin and Max. She is a beautiful strong-willed woman, who manages to be both persuasive and capable of ruling with a firm hand over her five ‘men’. Indeed, Ewald can be considered a very lucky husband! Anja is well known for her unrivalled raspberry juice.

Ewald’s mother, Erna has spent her whole life running the Edelweiss Hotel, now she has deservedly retired. Her greatest joy is represented by her grandchildren! She shakes her head at Ewalds’s jokes, but eventually she enjoys them all the time.

The eldest son, Manuel, represents the new generation in the management of the Saltner Edelweiss hotel. His training took place with the chef Thomas Mayr of the Parkhotel Laurin in Bolzano. In following his father’s footsteps, luckily, he represents the future. Together they are responsible for the satisfaction of your appetite!

The second-born son to Ewald and Anja, Kevin, has a passion that delights his parents: the kitchen! He is very shy, but nonetheless able to deal with whatever is needed in this business. 

We hope he will become a star cook one day. Indeed he has the talent and the will that are required.

Robin was born on February 27 2006, a Shrove Tuesday; might this condition his future? Anyway, he started with a short period of fast, but soon he changed his mind and is now having regular rhythms of sleeping and food-taking, which is good especially for Ewald and Anja… Maybe this also depends on the gorgeous cot, which Granddad Sepp made for him.

The youngest of the Hoeller family is  Max, affectionately called " Maxi" or also " Minimi ". Born on August 20th 2007  under the zodiac sign of Leo, he actually carries "lion forces " in himself . If something does not suit him, he may exit his " claws ". But mostly he purrs contentedly like a pussycat!

Maria, Anjas sister and Ewald’s sister in law is a precious aid wherever it is needed: service, stable, office, all around the house.

For the guest’s salvation she avoids helping in the kitchen, she admits smiling: “I wish  them to come back!” 

* Tipical greeting in dialect of South Tyrol